derago Workforce Management
including route planning, radio read out and more for energy suppliers and service companies

Time savings & reduced costs

By reducing the working steps and also simplifying the data entry we greatly improve your workload.

You no longer need to write down things on paper and reenter everthing manually in your backend. Take a note in your derago mobile app, sync your data and watch everthing been delivered to your backend with ease.

Improved data quality

Several checks can be configured to improve your data quality

Checks on both your mobile devices and in your backend will improve you data quality. An internal storage for your new meters greatly helps when exchanging meters and helps to avoid entry of wrong meter numbers.

Ease of use

Mobile devices in combination with the derago Cloud Server give you the ultimate flexibilty in your work.

You can document your work with images, questionnaires and PDF receipts, either optional or mandatory. Data entry with barcode scanning, optical reading whith infrared or wirless data collecting by radion, whatever you want.

Highest data protection

All mobile devices can be protected from data loss with internal backups on SD cards.

On every data synchronisation a backup is taken with 10 versions held for safety reasons. All data is completely encrypted and data transfers are secured.

Cloud Server Installations 75%

91% Complete

Local Server Installations 25%

86% Complete

Data Protection 100%

60% Complete

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