About Us

Established 1994

derago was founded to simplify meter reading. To get away from documenting things manually on paper and reenter all data again to backend systems various software tools have been developed to make your work easier. Our mobile softwares for Android devices are a game changer while collecting data as they greatly support your mangament and documentation tasks.

Meter reading

Our meter reading tools support various aspects of collecting data. Our mobile tools support you reading data manually, with infrared or by radio. But we have also tools for self reading over the internet or via postcards.

Meter exchange

Sooner or later your meter needs to be exchanged. That's why we also have tools for supporting all tasks around the meter exchange.

Why Choose Us?

You want results?
Here are four reasons you can depend on derago to help you.

800+ Clients

Over 800 active and happy clients trust in derago software.

Longterm Experience

Since 1994 we concentrate on mobile data enquiry. From mobile devices right to the backend.

First Class Support

Our qualified support team is always there for you. A competent hotline is available during business hours.

Fair Pricing

We offer a fair price-performance ratio model based for a long-term partnership.

Partner & Clients

Meet Our Team

Good employees are hard to find?
We have them!

Progammer at heart with the view for every detail in derago software. Big fan of the programming language Go.

Christian Czech

Founder and CEO

The team member to deliver facts and figures, from pricing to offers and invoices.

Ralph Czech

Offers and Invoices

Your supporter especially when radio is involved. Hardware and server guru.

Fabian Rippl

Technical Support

Your point of contact for derago self reading solutions and when it gets technically tricky.

Matthias Wipf

Technical Support