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the electronic notepad

Thanks to dNote you will be able to take along and administer all of your notes anytime and anyplace with the help of your PocketPC. No thoughts will get lost because of notes written on scrap paper and then lost, no urgently needed hints or memos sticking uselessly on your PC's monitor, no searching for important telephone numbers you may have written down while out of the office. Never again will you forget your passwords and secret pin numbers. Stay organized with dNote!

Why you need dNote

  • Graphical notes - Draw directions to a friend's house or make yourself a handwritten note - anytime!
  • Textual notes - Type route directions, passwords or your next speech you have to held
  • Bulleted lists - With catchwords for your next presentation
  • Checklists - So you don't forget the most important things for your next business or holiday trip. You can find them immediately again in the future.
  • Encoding - So secret drawings, passwords and pin numbers stay secret
  • Categories - Add organization to your notes, even after years, and separate business and private life.
  • Reminder - Set a date/time when a note should get your attention.
  • Synchronize - With ActiveSync or directly with WLAN or GSM/GRPS you can synchronize your notes with your PC version of dNote.

After a short time using dNote you no longer need all those little sticky notes cluttering your desk. All your co-workers will wonder how you got so organized. Try out dNote now and discover all of the facilities of your WindowsCE device.

dNote operates with all palm-size and handheld PCs (OS 2.x ARM, MIPS, SH3, SH4), obviously including color devices up to the latest Windows Mobile 2005, 6 and 6.1 versions and is available in english, german, spanish, dutch, french, italian, chinese.

There is a version of dNote for Windows 95/98/NT,XP,Vista also. dNote for PC and Windows CE has a list price of $19 each. A bundled version is available for $34 including software for synchronization. All updates for one year are included and will be provided through our homepage.

Update in the latest versions:

  • unlimited graphical notes (up/down button)
  • resolution enhancement technology now used in graphical notes
  • sort oder and category now selectable in overview mode.
  • Optimizations for flash based operating systems
  • export all note type to webbrowser for printing with SVG graphics
  • XML-Export
  • support search inside notes
  • Reminders now also work with sound in PC version


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